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Building and Reinforcing Academic Excellence and Active Learning

At SHHKCA, we believe in providing a stable and strong foundation for learning for all ages.  This covers literacy, phonics, numeracy, arithmetic, logic and design thinking.

Our programmes progress through the different levels of education, from K2 to all 6 levels of primary school, to ensure your child learns constantly and obtains mastery and depth in each subject.

Our teachers are familiar with subject-specific components and will guide your child in understanding the concepts and obtaining the skills required for them to excel in school as well as in life.

Children's Programmes

Our Academy provides pre-school programmes, after school care as well as enrichment programmes for all ages

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School

Begin your child's tomorrow with us today!


Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School (SHHKPS) is an initiative by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan to:


  • Provide every child with holistic education that builds confidence, social skills, knowledge, future-ready skills and a happy disposition;

  • Develop every teacher to their best potential, capabilities and needs; and

  • Engage parents to play a primary role in their children's early education.


We are an award winning pre-school providing Chinese Language and Culture Programme. Our pre-school offers a holistic bilingual curriculum that incorporates Applied Living Skills, Holistic Character Development using Chinese materials and nurturing eco-habits and respect for Nature through Living Garden projects for children aged three to six years old. We adopt a Plan-Do-Review model, which emphasises on active participatory learning and encourages a sense of purpose and reflection in the students.

We will equip your child with practical knowledge, language capabilities, soft skills and confidence needed to excel in the classroom and beyond!

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Children Enrichment Programmes

Learn Chinese and Future-Ready skills the fun way!


Through our Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe, we provide a variety of lively and motivating Chinese language and enrichment programmes to complement your child’s learning in school, develop and strengthen their social and cognitive skills as well as equip them with future-ready competencies.

We will help your child improve their Chinese language reading and writing skills, social and communication skills through fun activities.

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After School Care (Student Care Programme)

Immerse in a Bilingual learning environment with well-designed programmes to develop character, cognitive and speech competencies, and creativity!


Our After School Care programme adopt a framework covering 5 focus areas, namely Character Development, Intellectual, Physical and Social Skills Development, and Aesthetic and Creative Cultivation.  


We provide:


  • Daily nutritious meal + tea break

  • Fully air conditioned facilities and well equipped open concept play area

  • Homework Supervision

  • Chinese Speech and Drama Training

  • Chinese Recitation and Writing Skills

  • Teachings to be A Good Pupil and Child


Our programmes include curriculum and theme-based learning to help each child discover their strength and learn problem-solving and life-skills.

We will help your child understand school syllabus, develop good habits and ensure your child receives good guidance to realise their full potential.

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Below is the list of other children programmes we offer under SHHKCA:

  • Phonics (K1-K2, P1) – prepares your child for P1 or helps P1 who are struggling with literacy (click for more info)

  • English Writing (P1) – teaching your child grammar and key principles in composition (click for more info)

  • Robotics (K2, P1 to P2) – equips your child with concepts of numeracy, sequencing, logic thinking, abstract thinking, spatial perception and basics of engineering (click for more info)

  • Ukulele (K2 to P1) – equips your child with sense of music and rhythm, builds their confidence and motor skills with basic skills of strumming chords. A short introductory course to music while parents contemplates more formal music training (e.g. piano or drumming) (click for more info)

  • Coding: Mobile app development (P3 to P5)

  • Mathematics – enhancement lessons to cope with the structured syllables in school.  We enable your child to understand mathematical concepts clearly, interpret problem sums, and apply knowledge and techniques correctly (click for more info)

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