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English Writing Series (P1)


In Primary 1, students are expected to possess recognition of simple words, be able to read, comprehend and write short sentences.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) adopts the STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) approach whereby teachers incorporate storytelling, role-playing and different texts such as news articles into the lessons. The curriculum is designed to develop students' language skills and love for reading.


To complement their learning in school, our teacher will revise and reinforce their understanding of basic Grammar such as:

  • singularity and plurality

  • tenses (subject-verb agreement)

  • elements like verb, adjectives, nouns (common and proper) and pronouns, etc

  • subject-verb agreement

  • basic propositions (in, near, beside, on top, below, etc)

  • punctuation

  • articles (a/an) and conjunctions

They will also learn other skills such as

  • identify ideas and details of text

  • learn answering techniques

  • learn basic writing techniques

  • learn sentence construction and sequencing

  • learn synonyms and idioms

Our trained teacher will help your child grasp grammar rules through fun activities and examples, and encourage them to learn through active participation. Our lesson plans are designed to consolidate and strengthen students' foundation for English language literacy in reading and writing.

Enrol now and instil a love for English language in your child.

Fees and Registration

Schedule: Per term of 12 lessons

Duration: 2 hours, once a week 

Fees: $840 per term + $30 material fees.

Registration fee $20 is waived if registered by first week of June.

Class is capped at maximum of 8 students. 

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