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Joy Liaw 

Mother of Fye Ng

Why I choose SAS after-school care?

•    The kids were living overseas during their formation years with French as their second language. Fye returned to Singapore and joined the local school system for the 1st time as a Pri 3 student. Having no background in Chinese, adapting to school was difficult.

•    Hence we looked for a student care that provides Chinese as a means of coaching to help the kids adapt back to the Sg system.

•    We received the flyer in our mailbox and decided to visit SAS. We signed up as the first batch. 


How did SAS helped in school homework?

•    Daily coaching and support.
•    Having teachers proficient in Chinese helped the kids get familiar with the language on a daily basis.


How my child benefited on the daily enrichment programme. Eg: Chinese Creative Writing, Chinese recitation. Etc

•    They are more confident in Chinese due to the consistent learning and exposure.


Yeo Yi Tian

Mother of Yang Xiangyun

The SchoolAfterSchool (SAS) programme is well-structured with a balance of schoolwork, classroom learning and physical activities. It is wonderful seeing Xiangyun adapt to his new community which provides good guidance, nurturance and friendships. The children learn to take responsibility for themselves, to cooperate with one another and enjoy the company of one another. The teachers are caring, attentive and guide the children well.


Raymond Leow

Father of Leroy Leow

Leroy has become more vocal and able to express himself better. He is very eager to attend SchoolAfterSchool (SAS) to learn and mingle with his fellow mates. Please keep up the good work.


Kathleen Khor

Mother of Zachary and Kieran Tan

Both boys are happy with all the activities that has been organised. I love that SchoolAfterSchool (SAS) instils discipline in them on their daily schedule, and I hope they will continue to have such good habits post SAS-days.

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