Chinese Enrichment

Immerse your child in Chinese this June holidays. Acquire oratory competency and confidence in presentation through theatrical games, sensory exercises and many more!

Image by Wells Baum

Coding & Robotics

Mario Race:
The Ultimate Robotics 2 days Adventure Holiday Camp

Race against your friends using the Mario Kart themed tracks this June holiday!

Get together in teams to create your own Mario racing tracks, build robotic racing cars and compete to emerge as the ultimate race champion.

Hokkien Mai Gong Bo Jio GIF.gif

Kids Hokkien!

Li Ho! Jiak Ba Buay?

Daily Hokkien Conversational terms - Li Ho Bo?

Fitness Exercise - Groove along the Hokkien beat!

Refreshments - Indulge in traditional Hokkien delights!

Immerge as the Hokkien Champion - Games and Prizes to be won!