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Fun & Enriching Lessons 

Our Hokkien workshop is suitable for those who are interested to learn Hokkien and develop basic listening and speaking skills.


Lessons are structured and designed to suit different levels of learners, allowing participants to gain conversational & reading skills relevant to a variety of social contexts.  Participants are introduced to a wide range of topics in culture, history and society to develop a well-rounded knowledge of the Hokkien-speaking world.

Today  今天

gia lit

Morning   早上

za ki

Front   前面  

tao zeng

Center 中间

diong ng


To communicate in basic Hokkien with the community, friends or relatives.

Understanding your roots and culture.

Build rapport with the elderly.


Learning materials

Lesson notes are translated in English, Chinese and Pinyin to help you better understand and develop your listening and speaking skills. 

Entry Requirement

16 years old and above.

Learn with us

Founded based on 180 years of excellent foundation in education, especially in the preservation and promotion of language and culture.

Pioneered the teaching of Hokkien language and culture. Today, we are one of the most established and recognised organisation in Singapore.

Li Ho! Let's Speak Hokkien!
Basic Online Hokkien Conversational Workshop
Immerse in Hokkien language in a Lively and Engaging lesson with us now!
Save your time from travelling and attend our lessons at your comfort zone.


04 Oct 2024

Every Wednesday

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd October 

4 Sessions x 2hrs (once a week)


Via Zoom 


Suitable for age 16 years and above



$188.00 (includes GST & course materials)


Life hacks by

Professional trainers

Quizzes and Games

Small class size

Completion certificate 

2pax discount

Enjoy 10% off when you register together with your friends or family members.

SHHK members

10% discount applies for all SHHK member

Hokkien Corporate Courses

Customized lessons for healthcare, schools and grassroots

(Hokkien) Minnan Map

Do you know how widely Hokkien are used in the world?

Crafted Content

Suitable for social service, healthcare personnel and volunteers

hokkien heritage tour

Heritage Tour: Understanding our rich history and culture

Children Hokkien class

Fun & Engaging lessons

Graduating Class

The Hokkien Graduates

 Corporate Affairs 

We offer personalized lessons for schools, healthcare to grassroots organisations. In addition, we help in vetting of dialect scripts, videos and voice-overs.

Hear what others say...


"During my volunteer work, I regularly engage our elderly residents. I wanted to better care for and communicate with them, so I signed up for Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy Intermediate lessons. 

I chose a 1-1 lesson with Mr. Sim instead of a group class as I felt it would help me improve much faster. Before joining the class, I could already speak the language. What I needed is guidance on some common words used when engaging with residents and correction of my pronunciation, which Mr. Sim helped me a lot with. 

Mr. Sim has been patient, encouraging, and a really engaging teacher. Our lessons are 2 hours long and for the first 1.5 hours, we will follow the content on the textbook provided by SHHKCA. After this, we would discuss events that happened during the week in Hokkien.

Mr. Sim even goes the extra mile to coach his students. Sometimes, during the week, I will send him voice recordings via WhatsApp of me attempting to speak some phrases, and he would respond via voice text to help correct me. :) 

Highly recommend him to all students who are interested to pick up the language or improve! 谢谢 Mr. SIM!🙏 💙" Jeraldine

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What is the difference between Minnan & Singapore Hokkien?

How many type of fruits are you able to pronounce in Hokkien?

Virtual Hokkien Conversational Workshop

Why are there so many people learning Hokkien?

Learn about the Hokkien terms on Dragon boat festival!

Learn about the Chinese New Year terms and greetings in Hokkien!

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