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Children Enrichment Programmes

By Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe

Through our Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe, we provide a variety of lively and motivating Chinese language and enrichment programmes to complement your child’s learning in school, develop and strengthen their social and cognitive skills as well as equip them with future-ready competencies.

We will help your child improve their Chinese language reading and writing skills, social and communication skills through fun activities.


Our Unique Syllabus


We believe in imparting good values and bringing holistic education to children of all ages and we incorporate materials on character development in all our programmes. Our teachers work closely with the students to ensure they broaden cultural knowledge, develop social skills and cultivate good character qualities while learning about the Chinese language and its heritage.


Through our well-designed syllabus, we help children of all ages improve their comprehension, reading and writing of the Chinese language in school.


Our Chinese language improvement programmes


  • Fun Chinese (N1-K2)

  • Pre-school Chinese (K2)

  • Hanyu Pinyin (K2)

  • Foundation Chinese (P1)

  • Show and Tell (P1)

  • Consolidation Chinese (P2-P6)

  • Mandarin Immersion (P2-P5)

  • Chinese Creative Writing for Primary School (P2-P5)

  • Chinese Creative Writing for Secondary School (S3-S4)

  • Chinese Comprehension & Writing for Secondary School (S1-S2)


For more information on the detailed syllabus, please click here. (Under language courses)


Our Chinese Enrichment programmes


We also conduct Chinese enrichment classes for children of all ages to enhance their Chinese Language and instil love of the Chinese heritage and culture.


  • Sparkle Tots development class (18 months and above)

  • Twinkle Tots class (3 years old and parent bonding class)

  • Cherry Tots development class (4 years old)

  • Chinese Speech and Drama (aged 5 to 13 years old)

  • Broadcasting (aged 9 years and above)

  • Calligraphy (aged 7 years and above)

  • Kiddy Art (aged 5 years and above)




Award Winning Centre

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For more information on the detailed syllabus, please click here


You may also contact us at:

Sennett Campus
Tel: (65) 6589 9502 

Toa Payoh Campus
Tel: (65) 6354 1972

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