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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Primary 6 Mathematics

Students will experience the convergence of their learning in this final year of their primary school lives. The focus at SHHKCA will be to reinforce all their Mathematical concepts and prepare them for the examination so that they will enter the examination room/hall as confident students.

There will be three main focuses in the lessons:

Concepts Empowerment

  • Students will be empowered in their various Mathematical concepts, such as:

  • Fractions, Ratio, Percentage, volume

  • Algebra

  • Circles

  • Angles in Geometric Figures,

  • Speed

  • Pie Chart

  • Solid Figures and Nets

  • Students will make use of inquiry-based techniques with higher order thinking questions.

  • Students will apply different strategies effectively to solve problem sums. The different strategies will be reinforced through various problem sums.

  • Students will also be equipped with examination skills and the know-how in terms of handling examination preparation and examination techniques.


Thinking processes

  • Students will apply the 5 ‘What’s’ in problem solving.

  • Students will be equipped with different thought processes, in terms of managing their time, stress and expectations.

  • Students will apply checking techniques that will minimise error in their solutions.



  • Students become confident learners when they can assess their own learning and when they can apply what they have learnt.

  • Students will become self-directed learners as they are able to make use of their own learning, i.e. by putting into practice the strategies they have learnt.

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