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Primary 4 Mathematics

At Primary 4, students will experience an extension of what they have learnt in Primary 3, and will be introduced to some new topics. There will be increased emphasis on problem sums. They will have to tap on the knowledge which they acquire in Primary 3 and 4.

There will be three main focuses in the lessons:

Concepts Empowerment

  • Students will be empowered in their various Mathematical concepts, such as:

    • Whole Numbers, Factors and Multiples, Multiplications and Division of Whole Numbers and Problem Sums

    • Angles

    • Squares and Rectangles

    • Symmetry

    • Fractions and Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

    • Decimal, Four Operation of Decimals and Word Problems

    • Area and Perimeter

    • Table and Line Graphs

    • Time

  • Students get to have an in depth understanding of these concepts with the use of inquiry-based techniques and higher order thinking questions.

  • Students get to learn an array of different strategies to solve problem sums. They will be familiarised with the different strategies through practices.

  • The foundational topics, Whole Numbers, Fraction and Decimals will be reinforced in the classes.

  • Students will learn a unique set of skills and techniques in solving different forms of heuristic questions.


Thinking processes

  • Students will learn the 5 ‘What’s’ in problem solving.

  • Students get to think through the steps that are involved by asking questions.

  • Students will practise using the steps of the 5 ‘What’s’ and internalise the strategy.

  • Students will learn a set of “How to check” techniques for their derived answers. This will also be a form of reinforcement for the concepts learnt.



  • Students will learn through the process of learning.

  • Students will think about why they chose a particular approach to solve the problem.

  • Student will crystallise their learning processes by questioning, thinking aloud or discussing with others what they are thinking, helping them to find out what they are think.

  • Students will apply metacognition skill by posing problem sums based on the concepts taught in class.

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