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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Primary 3 Mathematics

Students have completed their foundation years in Primary 1 and 2. Primary 3 marks the beginning of their bridging 2-year for upper primary. They will start to solve more advanced word problems.

There will be three main focuses in the lessons:

Concepts Empowerment

  • Students will be empowered in their various Mathematical concepts, such as:

    • Whole Numbers – Addition and Subtraction and their related Word Problems

    • Multiplication and Division – with and without regrouping

    • Solving of Word Problem involving the 4 operations.

    • Money

    • Length, Mass and Volume

    • Bar Graph

    • Fractions

    • Time

    • Angles

    • Parallel and Perpendicular lines

    • Area and Perimeter

  • Students transit from the foundational concepts in some of the topics.

  • Students get to learn certain new topics, like Area and Perimeter, Parallel and Perpendicular lines, Angles and Bar Graphs.

  • Students get to explore certain heuristic skill in problem solving, with much emphasis on Model Drawing, Making a Supposition, Guess and Check.


Thinking processes

  • Students will learn the 5 ‘What’s’ in problem solving.

  • Students develop critical thinking skills with the help of the 5 ‘What’s’ and applying them to solve various kinds of problem sums.

  • Students will practise using the steps of the 5 ‘What’s’ and internalise the strategy.

  • Students will learn a set of “How to check” techniques for their derived answers. This will level up their understanding of the concepts taught in that topic.



  • Students will learn through the process of learning.

  • Students will think about why they chose a particular approach to solve the problem by questioning their thought processes.

  • Students will apply such skill when they are required to pose workable problems sums based on the concepts taught in class.

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