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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Primary 2 Mathematics

Coming to the second segment of their foundation years, P2 students will be exposed to more complex word problems and some relevant heuristics.

There will be three main focuses in the lessons:

Concepts Empowerment

  • Students will be empowered in their various Mathematical concepts, such as:

    • Whole Numbers – Addition and Subtraction and their related Word Problems

    • Multiplication and Division

    • Multiplication tables

    • Word Problems involving Multiplication and Division

    • Length, Mass and Volume

    • Money

    • 2D and 3D Figures

    • Fractions

    • Time

    • Picture Graphs

  • Students get to learn certain new topics, like Fractions, Mass and Volume and 3D Figures.

  • Students get to explore certain heuristic skill in problem solving, with much emphasis on Model Drawing, Guess and Check and Grouping.

  • Students will learn the metric units in measurement, relating them to Length, Mass and Volume.


Thinking processes

  • Students will learn through the use of concrete manipulatives in their performance tasks assigned in class.

  • Students develop thinking skills with the help of these concrete manipulatives and perform step-by-step approach to solve problems.

  • Students will learn a set of “How to check” techniques for their derived answers. This will be reflected in their understanding of the concepts taught in that topic.



  • Students will learn through the process of learning.

  • Students will think about why they make use of the chosen approach to solve the problem.

  • Students will be taught the skills in applying their knowledge while posing word problems.

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