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Prep your child to excel in 2021!

It will soon be the beginning of a new semester for students. For some, it means a year-end break to relieve stress. However, it's never to early to prep your child with a structured learning approach. 

Take this chance to experience our enriching and structured lessons and identify your child's learning gaps.

Join us for a series of free trial tuition lessons for your child to experience. Here at SHHKCA, we believe that every child has the propensity to excel at learning. Come join us to uncover their potential☺

✅ Every individual is unique & catered for

✅ Targeted approach helps maintain focus

✅ Build confidence in tackling exams

✅ Relevant curriculum that is made engaging

✅ Learning made comfortably progressive


Beyond academics, effective learning is a life-skill that all can acquire. Sign up for our free trial now. Limited slots available.


Find out more about subjects / schedules / prices / free trial/ testimonials @ because we want the best for our children too 😉

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