ARTec Robotics - S.T.E.M Programme (K2, P1 to P2)

This programme is delivered in collaboration with Wow Education International Pte Ltd and comprises 3 key units: Building Robots, Coding Robots and Puzzle Play.

Children Programmes
  • Students are taught to build motorised and mechanical robots and be introduced to engineering principles and science concepts such as  

    • How shapes of legs affect movements of robots.

    • Using a cylinder and pins to play notes to a rhythm.

    • Understanding elasticity of rubber and explore how levers work.

    • Gears of different shapes changing linear motion into rotational motion.

    • Transferring lifting movements into rotational one using linkages and levers.

    • Relationship between a motorcycle’s handle bar and direction of movements.

  • Students shall accomplish missions with their understanding of 

    • Relationship between computers and robots, and how robotics relates to daily activities.

    • Using the Studuino icon coding software to code a robotic car to drive to a sequence of commands.

    • Relationship between time and distance.  

    • How the number of DC motors affect movements of the robotic car.

    • Coding LEDs and sound buzzers into applications where lights and sounds are synced.

  • Purposeful play of Logical Puzzles using ARTec’s award-winning blocks allows students to enhance numeracy proficiency as they take on challenges in 

    • Spatial relations of direction, position and distance.

    • Understanding processes of ordering and patterning.

    • Ability for matching, sorting and comparing.

    • Understanding number value, counting and simple measurements.

    • Ability to think ahead, and making and confirming assumptions via trial and error.

    • Problem solving from different perspectives.

Fees and Registration

Fees per term: $400 (before GST), material fees of $20 applies per term. Minimum class of 8, capped at 10 students. Please call 6589 9500 or email for information on class schedule and enrollment details.

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