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Mario Race:

The Ultimate Robotics

2 days Adventure Holiday Camp

Race against your friends using the Mario Kart themed tracks this June holiday!

Get together in teams to create your own Mario racing tracks, build robotic racing cars and compete to emerge as the ultimate race champion.


We will wrap up with a mini judging competition, and players will learn about good sportsmanship and teamwork.  


Mario Race Day 1

Introduction to Lego Mindstorms and Budget Planning

Students learn how to build and customize their own racing cars using Lego Mindstorms. They will also learn how to control their built-out cars through programming.


To add into the fun, students will be given a budget to to plan and decide which are the materials to buy to create the tracing track. 

Mario Race Day 2

Introduce coordinates and enhancement of the race


Students will continue to work on what they have done in Day 1. We will guide students along by planning and designing their race tracks to get them ready for the mini competition


The judging criteria will focus on the teams’ creativity, engineering, and programming skills.


There are 3 wonderful categories to be won!

The Best Looking race track

The Fastest racing car

The best racing car design


Real-life skills

Join us this June holidays and your child will develop:


Planning & Organization


Strategic thinking



Real-life programming/coding

Alphabet Cubes


Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations

397 Lor 2 Toa Payoh,

Singapore 319639

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy

5 Sennett Road,

Singapore 466781

T for Turtle

Date & Time



Toa Payoh Campus

31st May and 1st June 

(Monday - Tuesday)

9.00am – 5.00pm


Sennett Campus

7th - 8th June

(Monday - Tuesday)

9.00am – 5.00pm


age group

7 to 12 year old

suitable for primary one to six



7-9 years old

10-12 years old




(Inclusive of GST, meals and material fees)

Meals includes a morning/afternoon tea break and lunch. Students are encouraged to bring along their water bottle.

Sign up by 21st May to enjoy $20.00 early bird discount.

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This programme is delivered in collaboration with The Lab and comprises the use of predictive data analytics and educational psychology to develop a customized Coding curriculum for students.

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No refund of fees after the commencement of the camp.
Withdrawal before commencement of the camp will be entitled to 80% refund.

By signing up this camp, we reserves the right to use any photographs, video-taping and other record of the children in our programme for our publicity and commercial advertisement.

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