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Dragonboat Festival Holiday Camp
Experience Programming & Chinese culture

Introducing the Dragonboat LEGO Building and Programming Workshop -

the perfect blend of creativity and technology!

Thinking of something fun and meaningful for your child this June holiday? Learn about LEGO building & programming though working in teams and taking on challenges.


In this exciting workshop, your child will work with a team of like-minded individuals to build a Dragonboat using LEGO bricks.

They will learn how to program the Dragonboat to move by using a variety of sensors and motors. Instructors will guide them through the process, providing helpful tips and tricks along the way.


And that's not all - it's also a great cultural learning & team-building activity!


Children learn about origins of the Dragonboat festival and work together to build and program a Dragonboat.  Our workshop aims help your child to develop communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Plus, they will better appreciate Chinese culture and values!



Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy

5 Sennett Road,

Singapore 466781


Date & Time

Sennett Campus

4 - 5 Sept (Mon & Tue)
9am to 5pm


age group

suitable for 7 -12 year-old


Breakfast, lunch and tea break




(Inclusive of GST and material fees)

Sign up by 25 Aug to enjoy $20 discount.

To sign up, simply submit your details in the contact box.

For further information, please contact us at 6589 9500 or email us at

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This programme is delivered in collaboration with The Lab and comprises the use of predictive data analytics and educational psychology to develop a customized Coding curriculum for students.

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